RealEstateMogul.Com: Do I Really Need Another Monthly Bill?

The Real Estate Investing Dream

Many of you out there in Real Estate Land may have heard of Preston Ely, the gazillionaire tycoon from Tampa Fl. In any case he’s been plastering the internet with advertisements for a Webinar that proclaims –using words like “cataclysmic” and “impotent”– that real estate investing is going to die in the next 12 months or so, and that most investors will lose their shirts and get knocked out of the game for good. That is of course, unless you get dialed in with Preston’s website and join the “Mogul Elite” for about a hundred bucks (US) a month. Thank heavens for that!

Seriously though, the website is not that bad. I signed up as a free member and can only read certain articles and only one article a day so it kind of sucks. Not to worry though, there are constant opportunities and reminders to let me know I can sign up for the Mogul Elite and read to my heart’s content.  Although the free membership sucks the articles themselves are pretty good. Along with Preston (who I think is a pretty funny writer), there are a lot of articles by JP Moses, and they have a bunch of other high-profile contributors as well such as YouTube darling Steph Davis, and this guy Jason Payne who does the market analysis articles.

When you finish an article you click “learned” and you receive some “Mogul Points”. I have no idea what you get for your points, just prestige within the Mogul Community I guess.  Speaking of which, Preston has pulled together a group of well-known investors such as Cory Boatright, Ben Seat, and Cody Sperber just to name a few. These heavy-hitters are part of the Mogul Elite and even list properties and do deals on the site. If you join, you too can post your inventory and be part of the cool crowd.

I suppose that if I was actively making a monthly income from REI I could pay the $97 per month and write it off on my taxes as education expense. But I’m not at that point quite yet. However, much of the information on the site is very good and very up-to-date, so I would encourage anyone making money in the industry to check it out.


The First Post is Always the Hardest…

…after that it gets easier. This is my second and more “professional” blog. Here’s what you can expect:

The goal of this blog
The goal of this blog

MLS Monday- On which I post an interesting property that I discover on the MLS, right now exploring properties around Maine USA that might be good investments as fix-and-flips or fix and rent.

Wholesaling Wednesday- Here I’ll share everything I’m learning about wholesaling, marketing for leads, and making deals. If I have any discount properties that I’m offering at wholesale prices I’ll feature them here.

Friday Free-For-All- Pretty much anything goes. I’ll talk about investing concepts and share reviews of different rei gurus and some of their ideas. It also could be pretty random, we’ll see.

That should do it. Look for three posts per week as well as a few re-blogs here and there. Thanks for reading!




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